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Hello Daddy

Hello Daddy,
It’s me your baby
You might remember me maybe
Tempted to ask about mummy
But the only woman you love is granny
Heard from my angel nanny
You plan to come for me when you win the Grammy

Do you know I’m now seven
Still up here in heaven
Others keep leaving
Yet I’m here shivering

You promised after university
But I heard you are now a celebrity
Your songs all around the city
And I’m still here, what a pity!

I no longer understand your actions
Your life is now in fractions
Are you leaving me for auction?
I know that’s never your intention

I believe you’re good person
But what’s your reason
‘Cause I was made to be your blessing
I hope you dont lose me and learn your lesson

You are slow but not steady
When would you be ready?
What do you still need to tidy?
Please, Daddy.

With another chance I will still choose you
Don’t wanna lose you
My does plan to use you
Claiming they are to cruise you

What happened to the love of your life?
Whose thoughts kept you alive
Who made you survive
My mother, your wife.

Hens already hatching
Yet you still searching
Time is marching
On this tiny margin

You once whispered
You would help change my diapers
You won’t ever be hot tempered
We will be a family of rappers

But I fear
It wasn’t a dream but nightmare
Because you no longer care
For your dear

But the angels say you may never come
‘Cause you ain’t searching for mom
You snubbed me for income
That’s why you use a condom to cum

I hate
That I have to wait
My ears ever at the gate
Waiting for your ascent and dialect.

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