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Disenamour Dearie

In my lonely bed,
My eyes shut just to feature you in my head
I could remember,
I could recall
That, I cease to forget.

The night you walked in
I could feel your presence everywhere
I could smell your sweet fragrance
I could feel you
Even without a touch

The moment you walked closer
I found myself in paradise
The feelings grew more
I could hear the sound of silence
And my heart, making sweet pangs

Your touch,
I could feel you all over
I could feel your heartbeat
Yes! Anyone could hear it
Don’t stop, I care for more.

You moved closer
And caress my neck
And when my heart beats louder,
I tried to press my lips against yours,
I woke!

Then I found myself
Full of thoughts
Full of wishes
Full of desires
Unquenchable ones

Maybe one day
You’ll look into my eyes
You’ll hold my hands
And feel the warmness,

Maybe one day
You’ll draw me closer
And feel my heart beats
Listening to the pounds
That never stopped the day we met.

Maybe one day
You’ll breath in my love
You’ll smell the aroma of my feelings
And feel the sensation of my emotion
And how my heart craves for you.

You should have told me,
You should have made it clear,
I was nothing but an option.
You shouldn’t have made me believe
I was the lost ribs

I’m done
I should go
If fate pleases
Destiny will choose us
Adieu to painful love!

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