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A Brother Like No Other

To Somtoochukwu Benedict Ezioha,

Passion is the action in today’s reaction,
The reason why celebration couldn’t be cautioned and caution could take Precautions,
Worthy is the celebration of a man of all generations,
An innovator who’s innovation innovates innovations.

Tongues can tell the word and words can’t express this expression,
Explanations can’t explain and dictionaries can’t give a diction,
Today is crystal clear but clarity can’t clarify the clarification,
If words could be fabricated then no word can worth the fabrication.

A professional in his own profession,
An inspirer who inspires inspiration,
The inspiration of every man’s aspiration,
A motion in a woman’s emotion.

If time is money then I wish to spend this time like a denomination,
This time blows my mind because this time is on detonation,
On a day like this, dry bones are reformed to reformation,
Knowledge is made known like information.

May the blessings of the Lord beautify you beyond beautification,
May you count your blessings till you lose count in the numeration,
May the tale of your greatness be told to this and coming generation,
May the melodies of miracle orchestrate your life above orchestration.

A brother like no other, a blood DNA don’t have an illustration,
An auction that functions above expectation,
I mean, the auction that functions like automation,
Happy Birthday Brother, unto you I dedicate this dedication…

So much from
Oba Inufin Ayomide D’great

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