Maybe mistakes
Are meant to be made,
Maybe that’s why I was made
Because all my take misses.

Maybe not all men
Are meant to be men,
Maybe some are meant
To be sitting without flesh.

Maybe I chose
The wrong life
Or the wrong life
Made me a choice.

Maybe if I had
Been a spirit
Then in the lost world
I’d be a king

Ain’t man made
To control his being?
Like meant to preside
Over all things, including himself?

But my case was reversed
For I control not myself
But myself controls me
I am me, but my flesh is myself

Each day with
Positivity registered on my mind
Focus sitting majestically on my face
My heart accommodating determination

Each day
With my spirit high
My brain overcoming obstacles,
Reaching my goals by me

But, my flesh is weak
Giving itself to nothing
But negativity
I mean various vanity in unity

Making me relent
At all breath and length
Making me lose focus
And a foe to positive cause

So I say
Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a man
Maybe being a spirit suits my stars
For myself controls me.

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