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His Exoticity

His blue docile eyes trickled down my skin
Like the stalactite icicle glued until I shivered.
Inches betwixt us reduced with the increased
beat of our reckless hearts and fingers embraced
leaving no spaces to be occupied with bleak whims.
Cold wintry night entangled in the warmest arms
of his bosom satiated my mind in a merry note;
a merry note of longing, free of salaciousness
but of the divinity, serendipity, closure and love.
He sang the aubade in the piano of my lips
and I tenderly resonated with his euphony, not
losing the hold of elation for a melancholic ending.
He grinned, bruising the room with gentle exoticity
and stars landed to embed our coalescence
in a foil of perpetuity.

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