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Broken Nights

If I cry, they will all say I’m weak
But am I?
I wanna stay away from the limelight
In the dark, alone is where I wanna be
If I tire, they will say I’m lazy
I wanna place all the burdens off my shoulders
The chains on my feet break them off
I just wanna carry myself
I’ve being flooding my mind with tears
To prevent my eyes from revealing everything
They said tears never tear
But why am I in pieces?

I need my thoughts to be tamed
At times I make friends so I can protect myself
I give myself commitments
Commitments that will push me to keep living
Commitments that will shut away the chaos in my mind
I need light, I’ve always being in need of it
But it’s time I stopped asking for it
To my friends, I’m sorry … I was truly weak
To my family, I’m sorry … I couldn’t withstand it.

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