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Your Hand in Mine, Love of My Life

Your hand in mine, love of my life.
My love course prep degree and now my wife to be

Dip your robe in myrrh
Let it drip with oil to fuel our passion
Adorn your head with alabaster
Let’s drink deep of love

Walk with me down the aisle of decision
Let’s conquer ambiguity with our choice of words
Not much to ask from God
May our love for another remain on course

Prepare me a way to your heart
Let my soul ride a voyage to a haven so desired
We’ll drink weariness like water as we walk down those miles We’ll fight all wars together to conquer

Our journey be accompanied with ministering angels
Our path bathed with aloe
The easiness of nature marrying our steps
The stars to relieve the scorching sun, shinning till morrow

Channels of love be opened
Leave the flow at the mercy of the west wind
Pitch our tents above the noisome storm
Where silence that still domiciles

Through thick and thin we’ll buy the allegiance of the sickle
To cut ties with fickle
and give us fate that tickles
to grace our union with eternal worth and values

When the morning has passed
We’ll write wishes to the stars
Wishing we outlast the span of time
For then we’ll live in eternity that forever lasts.

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