She cried ‘NO!’

She cried ‘No!’
A wee girl in her formative years; innocent, sweet and pure like the birds that soar. With her voluptuous appearance, she was the prey of every man, who craved her, only to devour.

She cried ‘No!’
To every male figure, she kept her distance. Yet, they all had their eyes on her like mother eagle to her baby eaglets. Waiting for her mistake, the period she would falter.

She cried ‘No!’
When her best friend invited her to a friend’s get-together, to lift their moods and create a diversion, for him. She gave her consent, she wanted to have fun; not the kind he had in mind. Then, he sweet-talked her into laying on the bed. The angel she thought she trusted, turned devil and stole her purity in a manner she could never dream of.

She cried ‘No!’
Yet, he didn’t want to let her go. Hate grew in her heart for this friend of hers that had torn her world apart. The yells reached a crescendo. Finally, she gave up, yet, he still would not let go.

She cried ‘No!’
She was long gone before he could realize that he had become a murderer. His acts had pulverized a wee girl—his best friend.

Even when she cried ‘No!’, he didn’t even care to know…

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