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The Power of Depression

Depression is like a virus
Spreading into every part of your body
Killing the soul slowly but keeps the body alive
Making you forget who you are,
Taking over all your actions
And setting emotional fire to your soul

Depression is a parasite
Feeding on the little life you have left
Hiding where no one can see it,
To eat your joy and happiness
Leaving you to drown in sadness

Depression is a world on its on
A world filled with darkness and pains
A world where you’re consumed with fear
Where you’re all alone
And your only thought is that of regret
A world where your hopes and ambitions are dead

Depression is a thief
Stealing your peace and joy,
Rubbing you of your hope, dreams,
Aspirations and faith
Telling you to surrender all your valuables
And leaving you with nothing but tears

Depression is like a wave,
Pulling you further into a black hole
Making you feel alone in the crowd
Turning your day into the night
Making you see things in black and white
Making you feel isolated from the outside world

Depression is a devil
Telling you that no one cares
Making sure your screams have no sound
Telling you to hide your pains
Making you give up on what you love
And hating everyone and everything around you
And making you a slave in your own thoughts

Depression is that evil voice in your head
Telling you to give up
Saying suicide is the only way to freedom
Suggesting new ways to die
“Cut your wrist, slit your throat, jump down
from a building or take pills.”
But don’t let it control you
You’re strong enough to win this fight
Just have a little faith

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