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Last Kiss Sparks

When the last kiss sparks
Make sure you ignite the last flame of your gasoline,
More of the smooth touch like Vaseline,
Whisper in my ear, call me Nicelynn
Take off your mask, darling,
I want to feel the last kiss in your lips,
Lips tasting like frozen berries,
I like them close with the scent of glaciers,
Extinguishing the last of my fires,
Today let’s have our last moment tasteful
With thoughts of death distasteful,
Its the career we chose to be doctors, right?
To be with patients and give them light…
Come on, doctor, give me the last injection,
At our favourite lab that gave us an addiction,
It’s the last of drugs of our favourite prescription,
Harder please there’s no time for affection…
Today marks when it’s six inch deep,
Tommorow, see, we will be six feet deep,
Tell me, will you still call me Covid?
Remember our moments so vivid?
Or would you want our graves together, so we be in life quarantine,
Our ghosts reminding us of that day on Valentine?
This is our last kiss that sparks,
We shouldn’t even listen when the dog barks,
Closer in my deathbed I want to moan before dawn,
And when we are gone make sure you don’t frown…
This is just corona leaving us in trauma,
Get down on me before we get down together…

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