One Day We Shall Revive

And one day, all the pandemonium will go away,
The earth will heal again and proudly slay.
The turmoil named “Corona Virus”
Will be eradicated from the air
And we shall be free from any terror.
The slants of humanity will rise again,
And compassion will be embedded in our minds’ lanes.
We shall know the value of health,
And leave the greed of unnecessary wealth.
People will value the poignant art
And stop to show the act of being oversmart.
We shall salute the valour of health workers,
In this critical situation who are no doubt warriors.
Mankind will learn to respect the nature,
And will understand the pain of caged creatures.
We shall breathe and the air will scent
Like the resilience, forever effervescent.
Our vision will be cleared and mission will set
And we shall no longer hold the chasm of being late.
One day, the novel “Corona Virus” will bid adieu
And we will cherish a different world, completely renewed.

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