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  • Photo of Tough Love

    Tough Love

    They believe you have a problem That only the whip can solve. They hit you till you’re solemn, They say it’s out of love. Your tears rain down in torrents…

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  • Photo of Deceit


    Our leaders have taken us scales, Indeed great heights, Was it not yesterday, That by their combined efforts, Our beautiful country Ranked top three Of the most corrupt countries in…

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  • Photo of Old Bottle, Sour Wine

    Old Bottle, Sour Wine

    My name is Emmanuel But it doesn’t feel Like God is with me For I feel void even in His presence My dad is a priest We live in a…

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  • Photo of That Teary Night

    That Teary Night

    That was how I struggled last night, on bed with IT as my fist grasped the edges of my ever-cosy bed, which then seemed rather terrible. I lost control of…

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  • Photo of Paranoia


    Everyone seeks to hurt me I can see it in their eyes They may act like they love me But I know they feel otherwise. Spare me the sermon about…

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  • Photo of The Demon Within

    The Demon Within

    There’s a greater pandemic Staring us right in the face: It’s the demon lying awaiting, A demon no one is talking about. He caresses with sweetness the academic Just in…

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  • Photo of When We All Die

    When We All Die

    The wails, the smiles The loves, the hates The riches, the poor All shall end in vanity The strong, the weak The kings, the butlers The lords, the serfs All…

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  • Photo of The Last Night Standing

    The Last Night Standing

    We sat, yakking by the fire Miriam taking us on a melodious routine Levi prophetic pair offering songs of Thanksgiving Judah cooking his songs on string Gad preparing the troop…

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  • Photo of The Bait

    The Bait

    With hook and crook Caught in distress of emotions Caught in the web of pains Like a tunac struggling to be free From the sharp end of the hook Stuck…

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  • Photo of The Escapist

    The Escapist

    He feels a different level of pain, He’s an enemy of the society. Socialising never brings him joy, No amount of friends bring true happiness. Countlessly he’s been misunderstood, His…

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  • Photo of Valley of the Shadow of Death

    Valley of the Shadow of Death

    A chill runs up my spine, As my legs get snagged by a vine. The moon shining overhead is so bright, Yet its presence doesn’t provide much light. My skin…

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  • Photo of When Love Speaks

    When Love Speaks

    When love speaks everyone listens; the loveless stare in awe and pride is subdued. The voice of love bears the tone of gladness enshrined in hearts that love and still…

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  • Photo of Tell Your Truth

    Tell Your Truth

    so now, you want to write? and you want my advice I have but only one … tell the truth. tell your truth tell it so boldly, the angels will…

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  • Photo of Anonymous


    I know this guy Whose identity is hidden Even to me For I only know him As anonymous He comes like an angel Behaves like a devil He kills a…

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  • Photo of The Black Child

    The Black Child

    I am the black child. My future is in slices as I hop between hopes of fulfilling my wild dreams. I live in the midst of blacks whose minds are…

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  • Photo of I Am An Addicted Writer

    I Am An Addicted Writer

    I would die willingly; If it kills me to leave you. I am that muttering thunder; That never stop until it rains. With you I am only a survivor; Without…

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  • Photo of Ghost


    Let the soul of man be hearkened To the oddity of the other realm Like a figurine shadow in the darkness It’s frightening a gazing sight from a gothic helm…

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  • Photo of The More You Look, The Less You See

    The More You Look, The Less You See

    We seem to daily discover a hidden secret, but life’s too voluminous for a one time read like a story. We wander round it’s rand like a novice, the answer…

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  • Photo of Alive but Dead

    Alive but Dead

    I act like I have no fear, Even when all my courage is gone. I pretend like I don’t care, Even as I continually get shit on. My confidence you…

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  • Photo of Time


    Time is a chariot bird, With life-feathered wings; Flapping away seconds with unseen wings, And fades in the air like ice droplets. Whenever I wait for it; It looks slow…

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