• Photo of Our Duty

    Our Duty

    For duty and honor, our lives we lay down. Throwing every other thing to the wind. For the lives of the unknown, our hearts we beat to submission, always ready…

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  • Photo of My Success Story

    My Success Story

    I will tell the world of my fooled self I will tell the world of my broken heart I will tell the world of my hurting love I will tell…

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  • Photo of Reversed Paradigm

    Reversed Paradigm

    The tide of slavery rises as freedom is but a myth. Minds groan in perplexity as acts swell in complexity. The days of words are over as actions reign supreme.…

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  • Photo of Nightmarish Tales

    Nightmarish Tales

    I still hear her desperate cries The echoes come to my dreams every night I still see her frightened eyes Their intensity remind me of sorrow’s might I still think…

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  • Photo of Remember Them

    Remember Them

    Remember them, the many faceless heroes Who left their nameless homes To defend a shameless cause. They left without good-byes They left wives and kids with no assurance of a…

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  • Photo of Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Fine

    Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Fine

    Hundreds of needles struck at his back Wailing tears from inside out Countenance of the smiling face Don’t worry, I’ll be fine Broken heart with a broken soul Declined from…

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  • Photo of I Long For You

    I Long For You

    Waking up to a new day is fun, But waking up without you burns. I am so attached to you like the trigger of a gun, But you are not…

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  • Photo of Miss Don’t Bleach

    Miss Don’t Bleach

    I am here to deliver a speech, probably, maybe even teach. Give me the permission to impeach, impeach whose skins were bleached, or 10,000 lashes for each. Amnesty you should…

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  • Photo of The Studio Shoot

    The Studio Shoot

    Six years killed by six minutes Just like a dream Her text was gone Her calls won’t come The spirit within me Couldn’t rest a bit Even pain relievers Were…

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  • Photo of Arúgbó ń ṣ’oge and Other Poems

    Arúgbó ń ṣ’oge and Other Poems

    Fast rising Nigerian poet and writer, Flourish Joshua recently launched his most anticipated collection of poems, Arúgbó ń ṣ’oge last Saturday, 4th of April, 2020.The multi-award d Winning poet tags…

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  • Photo of Shadowed Lives

    Shadowed Lives

    Everything is cold Roads are clear As a path going to heaven Silent ambience everywhere Except for the whistling of the wind Through the trees Homes becoming hiding places As…

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  • Photo of Stop the Pattern of Despair

    Stop the Pattern of Despair

    As great as one can be Everyone trips. When they stumble, They fall. For fig trees dry up The cedar is cut down The sky darkens While the sun hides…

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  • Photo of The Prince’s Choice

    The Prince’s Choice

    Black and beautiful Plump like a pumpkin Result of a harvest full Black and beautiful. Round hips Curvaceous and smooth Moved with every move And with rolling hips Hair as…

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  • Photo of Dance in the Rain

    Dance in the Rain

    Lost in the quietness of the rain, Is where I want to be I want to hear the echoes of the rain, Singing praises of you and me In the…

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  • Photo of Dear Childhood

    Dear Childhood

    Dear childhood! In your majesty, I bow my adulthood The time of dancing in the rain, Happily peeing in my pant without worries Moments of running around nakedly without shame!…

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  • Photo of My Woman, My Everything, My Woman, My Everything

    My Woman, My Everything, My Woman, My Everything

    She’s neither tall nor short, neither slim like sugarcane nor fat like watermelon. Her boobs and booty are curvy and firm She’s neither fair like fanta nor dark like coke,…

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  • Photo of Blueberry


    When the wind of suffering touches you and the rays of hardship fall on you. And you wallow in sorrow because you think your life is hollow. Then your taste…

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  • Photo of My Friend

    My Friend

    In my trouble and billow, I call out to you, my hero On the nights I cry into my pillow, I know you will support me like a willow. On…

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  • Photo of When All This Is Over

    When All This Is Over

    The earth’s current biological arena Is in awe to the virus called ‘Corona’. No more clustering like bunch of bananas as its transmission needs no antennas. We prayed to leave…

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  • Photo of We Shall Be Free

    We Shall Be Free

    Out on the streets with music and dancing Ladies on colourful gowns feeling gay Men gathered around, smiling and drinking Children laughing, running and eager to play The fears have…

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