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  • Photo of Depth


    Maybe we do have to shove aside our indifference Maybe then we can be different Maybe we don’t need to stand among Maybe by doing so we can stand tall…

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  • Photo of Poetry


    Poetry is an invocation and expression Of powerful emotions An inspiration that brings imaginations To reality through tranquillity. Poetry is like an ocean Quite spiritual that it cuts across all…

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  • Photo of Right or Wrong?

    Right or Wrong?

    Even my thoughts could be sinful, so I’d first of all seek forgiveness of sins from God almighty Because I’ve been thinking: Do we really have right and wrong? If…

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  • Photo of Remember Me

    Remember Me

    Remember me, I pray you, I remembered my gains, I remembered my pains, I remembered my tears in the rain, I remembered when I fell and sprained. For I’m remembered…

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  • Photo of Pale Stamp

    Pale Stamp

    Oh, child of remorse and distress, Enough of the crocodile’s wails in the rain. The world doesn’t rub a grimaced face with caress, But smiles at your shadow in disdain.…

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  • Photo of Dying Soul

    Dying Soul

    Tell the wind not to romance my naked skin till it exposes my scars, let it not dance with my hard black hair, let it not make me shiver like…

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  • Photo of Questions Unanswered

    Questions Unanswered

    Isolating my self from the outer world I wanted to figure out what was wrong Disaster upon disaster Things were falling apart I decided to ask myself Different questions That…

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  • Photo of My Tales at Fifteen

    My Tales at Fifteen

    Fifteen Was I when I had a soul sitting within me And a being on my back calling me mummy Fifteen Was I when I had to roam the street…

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  • Photo of I Am Africa

    I Am Africa

    I am Africa, Africa was born in me, So how am I not African? The songs of my forefathers, Praying from the shores of Atlantic to unknown lands. When their…

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  • Photo of Right to Live

    Right to Live

    Can’t make it right I can only write I can’t think can only speak My bones dried up Same time my ink dried up At this tender age I now…

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  • Photo of Soldier


    Mama warned: “Please don’t go to war,” Sister cried: “Why fight another man’s battle?” But he left through the backdoor for war He sneaked out to fight his country’s battle.…

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  • Photo of Ije Love

    Ije Love

    It’s with a broken heart that I write about us Sitting under our favourite ukwu ụdara thinking about us The same ukwu ụdara that we carved our names on Saying…

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  • Photo of If Men Were God

    If Men Were God

    If men were God, then I guess this world would not be but a hell of bees. If men were God, trials and tragedy would be normalcy. If men were…

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  • Photo of Unfulfilled Promises

    Unfulfilled Promises

    I had constant battle with my emotions But love always won Love had dealt me different blows And I was trying to let go He came into the picture with…

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  • Photo of If Everything is Little

    If Everything is Little

    If everything is little, years of growing will be brittle, will crack when rattled. If everything is little, waiting will be a spittle that fell on dry kettle. If everything…

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  • Photo of Dear Life

    Dear Life

    Dear Life, Life gave me lemon, So I made my lemonade. Life gave me fruits of different varieties, So I made my juice. Life threw me stones, So I built…

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  • Photo of Mother’s Pain

    Mother’s Pain

    I call her a smaller god Or better still a semi–god She never hesitates to get burnt In order to enable her little eagles soar Beneath all the smiles shared…

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  • Photo of Nakupenda Kay

    Nakupenda Kay

    Now … it’s time for me to confess My love life was nothing but a mess But you looked past all the distress And took the stress of making my…

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  • Photo of Say a Prayer With Me

    Say a Prayer With Me

    I wish that every forehead placed in gentle knocks on Olókun’s flat sandy head —narrating time’s pressing need; and every joined palms reciting loosely-jointed Psalms of “…I shall not want”…

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  • Photo of Fall


    Irokos fall Fools stumble Like a waterfall With a short-lived bubble Before a child can stand tall He must fall With tiny knees ready to crawl Till the get sore…

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