Today I will contend.
I will contend with the night
for causing the day to end
and bringing active moments to a halt.
I will contend with its darkness,
contend the way it silences the living to slumber on
till twilight meets dawn.
I will lift my hands in protest
of how something so dark
could keep so many secrets.
I will contend with the earth
that raised shadows by rotating around the sun.
Contend with the streets
that became quiet because souls went to sleep.
Contend with the road
that became cold after twelve hours.
Contend with wheels
that disappeared from the roads.
Contend with lamps
that came on after the sun left.
Contend with sleep
for still being sleep
and not always awake.
Contend with sleep
for making the mind inactive
in a dormant and vulnerable state.
Contend with inactivity
for accepting to betray activity.
Contend with dreams and nightmares,
filling the unconscious mind with replay of subliminal images and messages.
Contend with the eyes
for shutting down
for being the reason why the body became dark.
Contend with the body
for succumbing to the tricks of the eyes.
Contend with head
for resting on a soft pillow.
Contend with loss that brought shame.
Contend with fear that brought shame.
Contend with shame that brought shame,
when everyone wanted a result.
Contend with contend
with the voice of a thousand tongues,
the strength of seventy-two battalion
ready for battle.
Contend with yourself
for being unable to contend,
for giving up
when you had all it takes not to.

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