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The New Paradise

Like a shell on the beach
My love will kneel before your shrine,
The sun shines more than gold,
Your tantalizing voice is tuned in acapella.
Others may hear your words of beauty
But your precious silence is mine alone;
Splendid and soft as starshine in heaven.
From your feet to your hair so golden and fine.
The white rose of your face illuminates the Atlantic ocean.

My charming queen,
You have grown into a beautiful black woman;
So full your breasts,
A woman with curvaceous hips and thighs,
Your red lips make me drowse on your chest.
You are a woman,
With very wide waist,
With straight legs
Like a narrow path among the poplars.

My love for you has perched on top of the pyramid of Gizza;
At the bottom of the pyramid is treasure,
Where I found you to glue back my shatter hearts.
On the top of the pyramid is pleasure,
Where I cling and toast the wine of paradise in an unending fecundity to satisfy my soul.

My charming queen,
You’re neither Queen Amina of Zazzau,
Nor Miss Moremi of Yoruba.
You’re priceless queen
The new paradise!
Let’s chill in your vicinity,
Fondle through your prosperity.
Let’s evacuate our love from calamity
For our admirers to drowse in our amenity
Till when we suffocate to honor the quagmire of your tranquility.

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