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How She Likes It

After we left the bar
we drove home in my car.
She took an extra bottle of Star
as she was ready to go very far.

When we reached home
she told me to come,
that I should take her to Rome
that she wants to tour the pleasure dome.

I told her, “Babe, you are drunk,”
but she insisted, then I sunk.
I tried not to be a naughty punk
even when she dragged me to her bunk.

She tore my shirt
and tore her skirt.
She said, “I’m yours to flirt,
let’s get down even in the dirt.”

I became her puppet
while she got really wet.
She treated me like her favorite pet
with her tongue and hands all set.

She played with me like a toy
and called me her only boy.
She went on without decoy
until she got satisfaction and joy.

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