Prose Poetry

Love Me—Don’t

You let me know that your rigid soul would take all the stones I throw at you just to feel better, yet you remain unshaken. Taken. I mean, I hate how I know I am taken while I’m taken for granted. Granted are your deepest heart desires to have me and I have something better than that. Value. Yes, currency changed but my value for you remains constant. That’s why I want that you love me—don’t

We fight, fight over relationship stuff and I hate that you are always right. I mean, I like how you raise your voice just to remind me you are mine and here I am staring at your expensive watch, wondering why we can’t have quality time. I hate you in ways you don’t hate me. Certain ways that make me not scared to love you but scared to see you walk away. I hate that last time you walked away I couldn’t bring myself to stop you. That’s why I want you to love me—don’t

Love turns to war when we are not equals. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why you didn’t trust that I loved you when the only notes you made were those of the guitar. I was confident one day they’d reflect in your wallet. That’s why I let you invest in me, because I rather lose everything good I have before I even consider declaring bankruptcy. See, I could pour into your glass till my pitcher runs empty because to see you hydrated of me is everything I ever wanted. Do you trust me? All I ask is that, love me—don’t

You not perfect. Neither am I. And we shouldn’t be apologetic. I can be all-or-nothing person, so if I fall in love, I am all in for you, so if you love me—don’t. Raise your declined haze. Let’s get lost in our maze. Don’t fall in love me because I won’t fall in love with ‘just you’, you are too complex and complicated for it too be simple, and so all I ask is you to fall in love with my infinite complexities too. Our past is history. Let our future be a mystery. All I want is that you love me—don’t.

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