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Words fail to express what I feel.
The anger in me is killing me.
The one thing I feared the most has come to pass,
Am I ready for it?
Will I be able to accept the outcome?
It’s too much, I can’t take it anymore.
I’m selfish, sorry I acted on impulse.
We can’t blame the licker.
Yes it happened, can’t be taken back it was our doing.

It hurts to hide it from you,
hurts even harder to carry it.
On my own I curse the day it happened.
Indulged into the unthinkable, we crossed borders.
Got intimate with that one person you love.

We swore to take it to the grave,
but the guilt will send me sooner to my grave.
I fear a day will come, secrets will be revealed.
Deception, regrets and hatred takes over, who will comfort you?
For I’m the cause of your pain, despising me for your flaws.
Sorry pal, I’m only human please forgive.

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