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Shimmering Gold

A shimmering heart of gold
Your gorgeousness
Convinced me well
That the beautiful ones
Have now been born;
Though in a far away land
But yet closer to my heart

If I confess, even gently—to you
That your love is an iceberg
To my stony heart. Will you believe?
Will you listen to me
When life turns its back to me?
Won’t I sound raucous to your herein,
When things gone amiss?

If I tell you “I–love–you”,
It’s synonymous with the phrase
“Always with you,” yes, I’m with you:
When clouds send down tornado
When Sàngó send lightning
I’ll be with you and cover you
With the blanket of love
And with the shield of protection

Do not turn deaf your hears
When you hear me say,
Always believe, it’s the truth!

P.S: Sàngó is a deity whom people believe is a god of lightning and thunder, particularly in the western part of Nigeria (Yoruba).

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