Poetry, Not My Thing

I struggled with words
Smuggled in thoughts
Blankness bridled my perception
Poetry not my thing

I engaged stillness
Courted affair with quietness
Still couldn’t worry less
Poetry not my thing

I tried to look for muse
Thinking if I plug my my psyche fuse
Could seal a truce
Resilience left me more confused
Poetry is not my thing

Attempted some yoga
Sought a session with Dr loga
Drank tranquil like soda
A healthy focus I still couldn’t foster
Poetry is never my thing

Time to drop my pen
But my emotions were still glued closely
Words sneaking in, making away with anxiety and chipping in some curiosity
Still don’t think poetry is my thing

One plus one voices were joining
Started painting the white pages with ink
Words were moulding and forming in my thought bakery
I still wished poetry was my thing

I added ingredients to what was cooking
Spiced it up to make it taste sweet candy
Made it look dishful and garnished
All making up this you are reading
Don’t know if this is poetry cos poetry is not my thing…

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