The Blind Goddess

Many call thee Blind Goddess
But I prefer calling you Lady Justitia
All her life,
Trying to make the balance of justice
Oh selfless being ever created!

Always busy and never idle
A moral force in the judicial system
A symbolic personification of justice
What would have been the future of law without you?
Thanks to Emperor Augustus

Surely, you’re a goddes.
A goddess to be worshipped
Her hands,
There lies the sword and a balanced scale
Oh, Lady lustitia!

On her right hand, there is a sword
representing the state authority
Surely, justice must be enforced
A double-edged sword
Signifying both the punishment of the offender
And the protection of the innocent

On her left hand, there lies a scale
Representing an objective standard
Weighing two sides in every dispute
Depicting a fair balance between interest
A teacher of the truth of injustice

A blindfold
A fixture that existed in the 15th century
With her loud cry “Imperial justice!”
Measuring the strength of cases
Support and opposition, for and against.

Oh, mother of justice!
Upholder of law
Neutrality of the law
Power of reasoning and justice
You’re surely goddess to be worshipped

Lawless world!
Have thou have no shame?
The virginity is now a tale, her clothe ripped off
Abused and ravished
Leaving us in a lawless world.

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