I see her always,
She is everywhere.
But then, I don’t see her always.
She’s not always at places expected.
She’s normal in abnormal.
But then, she’s as normal as can be.

I saw her yesterday,
Drawing a smile from an aged’s wrinkled face,
As he was helped across the road.
She’s only as normal as can be.

Moments earlier,
I saw her in that kid’s chuckle,
In the light in his mother’s eyes,
As she tickled and watched him laugh.
She’s only normal as can be.

I saw her last night,
Walking with them, hand in hand.
In the touches that spoke million words,
Swearing everything will be alright.
I heard she hasn’t made him a father yet!
She’s only normal in abnormal.

Two days ago,
I saw a gory sight
A soldier had shot a man!
I heard he argued.
I didn’t see love,
She’s not always at
Expected places.
She must have traveled.

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