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With tear in my eyes, thorns in my heart
I express my indepth pain and concern
In a period when we lose our leaders and fellow citizens to a deadly virus

Even the ones who are strong, powerful and rich have been handicapped
Fears now dwell in the hearts of the guilty and the innocent
We are facing a tribulation which is beyond comprehension

Who would imagine that a virus could capture millions,
Isolate hundred of thousands and hunger thousands of people?
Maybe not—we never thought of this

So what do we do
Now that there’s doom
Since everyone has been restricted to the corner of their room?
Tell me, what do we do?

Shouldn’t we just turn unto our Lord?
Or keep on watching with our arms fold in despair
I fear, this time is dreadful!

We need to be careful
We need to be prayerful
To be able to eliminate this virus in full
So we won’t keep being in our room!

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