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Angry Face, Happy Face, Same Face

How do I speak this body language?
Your signs make me wonder,
How do I read your mind when I don’t understand the passage?
These acts make my heart ponder.

It’s strange how strange you became a stranger,
Two of us became you alone, now you’re a lone ranger,
Break the silence even if it’ll break my heart,
Why put me in the dark and tear me apart?

Is that a real grin or a fake smile?
So much wonders make me wander like a thousand miles,
How sad to be happily married, this blessing is a course verily!
You make me roam now I am the lost city in Italy.

This is the clarity that confusion brings,
Like a roller-coaster, she let the mood swing,
What happened? My thoughts runneth over! I forgot to remember,
She gives too many faces and this is my dilemma.

Surprise gifts can’t unwrap the mystery of a woman,
Misunderstanding is the genesis of understanding a woman,
Unspoken zigzags hidden in a straight face,
Angry face, happy face, same face…

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