Love and Romance Stories

From Prince Romeo to Princess Juliet

I was born in the month of love. Precisely on the very day assigned to lovers. So do not blame me if I have in the past been vulnerable to the fallacious fairytale called love. So today, in joyless tears, I write to you, my loving Juliet and I say thus: “As much as I’d want to embrace this fantastic fairytale by falling in love with you, I do hope you’ll understand that love is a luxury I currently can’t afford.”

If I do happen to say that I love you, please do well to brace yourself, for I say it not from my heart nor from any emotion, but from the mathematics of my brain and the vocality of my mouth. Shed not your precious tears for me, oh JuIey, for I am a broken lover. I hold you dear to my heart, yet I can’t afford to love you. I solemnly wish that you set your heart free of your unrequited love and find someone else that still believes in fairytales.

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