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Mess We Can’t Clear, Mess We Can’t Clear

When I was very young for about 20 years ago; till now I have being hearing “Radio Nigeria”—“uplifting the people and uniting the nation.” Then I think I have grown to ask, is this the nation we want to uplift her people and unite? What happened to our unity when people leading have chosen to know the right thing but refuse to do it.

Is it not clear that when a woman decides to make the soup watery the husband will learn to dent the garri before dipping it into the soup. I hope it surmises to say that any action from any Nigerian either as part or individual is by this simple and crude reality justifiable.

Hearken! Nigeria should know that when you buy clothes for Tayo and Yusuf, singling out Obianuju, I bet you, she would bemoan it obtrusively, making the night unbearable for the buyer with her mantra being marginalization and sheer hatred because in some little respect it’s to be said that they were born same day bearing a mysterious name “triplet” though naturally they may not have been formed same day.

Very hard to say, but evidently Nigeria should know there’s no future because when the foundation is destroyed the builder builds in vain. She should know that we battled colonialism because we had a distinct ideology which was sovereign; it was the foundation, a just cause, we believed in its field, we cultivated, we protected it and we died for it, yet fighting back and we conquered. But how that shadow suddenly went on exile is what I don’t know! Does it mean the sun no longer rears its head within west again?

Unfortunately when they were about leaving they made her independent slave who has no thought and ideology of hers. Then I ask again, how long shall you continue to depend and expect sensible people to clap and doff cap for you when you have all it takes to be the richest country, in all ramification and in the world in entirety? I believe you are very strong and virile, wipe then those making you and your savannahs suffer epilepsy. But if you have become deaf then I go on.

A point dangling as suicidal shadows, then I say, if Nigeria wishes to battle her problems just like the western world does, she must understand that from education some correction can come in if looked at properly. Then on that side must understand that reading to pass exams only cannot provide fish for the society, she must note that medical students reading only textbooks with no feasible practices can’t heal the sick, she must understand that lecturers teaching what they can’t represent realistically can’t make a student assimilate applied knowledge, she must know that politicians luring students who just graduated or that are yet to graduate into smuggling of ballot papers and praise singing can’t help him concentrate, grow and graduate in colored scores of mindset that good applications can be harvested from.

Sardonically enough, because we think the country has climbed the hill of mess, we shun reading, we married sorting, we became what the leaders and lecturers wants us to be, then shame on the savannahs. I know some of us came(went) to high institution with perfuming ambitions to soar beyond certificate, but now where is that coloration raised high and spirited in your brows then. It’s neither faltering nor thoughtless to say that Nigeria died in school and the leaders buried it in their stomachs because it’s what they created on a wrong foundation. They never cared about its German floor. Now they are pregnant; they can never deliver, all of them are the same birds of a feather which they say flocks together, forget the scenarios they create often leaving us to argue with hungry and sick bellies.

Moreover, Nigeria must know that, when a government feels the citizens to be less important they too becomes irrelevant, and that assaults and unprinted INSOLENCE to the fundamental rights of citizen which they swore to safeguard can’t make citizens thorough law abiding, reason being that, you can’t beat a child and deny her tears and shouts. She, as a country and a body vested with right to make, implemnet and enforce orders should understand that the best investment is human development not erection of gigantic houses and projects. She sholud note that the metrics for measuring developed countries are not the number of beautiful houses, or cars in it or the numbers of people that are rich, what happened to Dangote, Ato Eze, Adeleke, Ifeanyi Uba just few, yet she still scales heavily in forbe list of impoverished country.

Nigeria should know that experience shapes a man. When you slap and shun a child because he fished knowing well it’s to feed the family without providing alternative while he glares widely unable to save his mom and siblings as they fade and wither as seared flowers under the scourge of hunger, then he shall grow learning to be rebellious and ever unappy in life. Life is bitter but people make it bitterest.

Nigerian should know that the greatest test of varlor and warriorship is determined by how many heads a warrior or soldier brought home, and how often he has prevented the community from suffering ignominious failure and defeat in battles. Not rattling old engines in new uniform on the streets of Aba, Oyo and exchanging brotherly pranks in the street of katisina and mauling innocent souls who are on their own because of flawed laws.

Nigeria should know some people has grown spontaneously combusted hearing lies when truth was the only water that can extinguish our blazing hut. she should note that a seed that fell on a rocky hillside and not swept to mud by wind may die if its doesn’t struggle to roll to the skin of earth. When you seem to have many spectacle then the need to calculate your dancing steps rises to higher echelon. International communities has cleaved off your name on the list of revered dancers why not be careful so not to meet a bad fall and relapse by creating an independent world for your self ahome. Without convik those guerrillas sitting at your crest should have being stalking away with bras and pants moving our money into their foreign private accounts.

O! Nigeria should know that hunger is supreme and there’s no rule he can’t defy. She should know perhaps outrightly that when an evil exceeds a year it becomes a tradition. corruption has stayed long because we easily beleive their flimzy excuses fo a grave and fatal dids. Please note we can’t accept such custom any longer. lead us back to days before 1914 let’s choose another forest and wander in it whether dying or living. It’s better to kill myself than allow hunger, ignorance, and sheer foolhardy and wicked terrorist to strike me when am fit. tufiakwa!(aru!!) abomination!!!

Nigeria should know we can’t respect her when there’s no light to see her dark face. She must know she has made our pocket pale and blurry, we can’t even refuel or recharge our local lamp again, we dance every night with all the worst to none monster of the night. Some are taking their life out of depression and hopelessness. Only the strong can live but now the strongs are becoming old every hour and aging because of hard labor that can’t feed.

Where’s our boat heading to, a friend of mine blocked me because I told him to desert party ideas and face reality no matter how unintelligible it’s because it shall one day come to hunt idea down and maybe the initiator might have departed then leaving innocent souls to bear the brutes. However, no matter how beautiful an idea seems to be, it worth nothing if no ones buys it. I have met hundreds who scolded me because I said Nigeria is in shamble and there’s absolutely no future from the current happenings on the sides of the evil leaders and those who want to become the leaders of tomorrow. A foundation digger who has no idea how to make hare why the sun shines may end up digging only foundation forgetting it’s for a building. Why should we continue in a foundation with no idea how to erect the house. Then Ask me a state where a 200level student would be happy to miss exam just to aid a senator who has come to share three spoon of salt and pampers for the widows..After, he goes Photoshopping salesmen’s bags of salt praising hon. Because those women seem not to understand how some of this things work. He calls himself blogger with devastating grammar…What a disgusting shame?

Frankly, Nigeria had long become a night mess we can’t clear, as we grope all day searching for our stomachs, as its variegated stenches smears the nose the more and picking breathes in us out as pebbles. We are dying and if it continues I see death for Nigeria.

On that I must say that this epistle may not have captured all as it’s in my bowel but ending it here is not the end. “Tell it not in Gath, Proclaim it not in the streets of Ashkelon- Lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, Lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph”.
Indeed, Nigeria has become a mess we can’t clear. Add me to the page of freedom fighter I will write and establish my taproots potently and allow my almond tree to grow.

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