The Dark Continent

Splashes of gold and precious stones Scattered beneath her fertile feet.
Embedded by Nature with gifts in plethora.
Have you heard her sing?
Mellifluous melodies that resonates in the soul.

They say she’s been inflicted with amnesia.
That her memories are not hers.
But her memories are intricate pieces.
Like a puzzle that must be embraced:

She was bound in chains like a dog.
Treated like a scoundrel.
Yet in lack of liberty.
She still dared to dream of emancipation.

She was immersed in vain less vanities.
Her pristine heritage began to fade away.
She was surrounded by darkness
But what is light without darkness?

Her endurance lengths like The River Nile.
Her strong Will burns like the Sahara desert.
Her expectations are as high as the Mount Kilimanjaro.
And she’s no less beautiful than lovely Victoria Falls.

She’s unlike other maidens.
She’s the tomorrow to see
And with that synergized black blood that flows in her veins,
She’s surely second to none.

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