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Nakupenda Kay

Now … it’s time for me to confess
My love life was nothing but a mess
But you looked past all the distress
And took the stress of making my broken heart coalesce
Even when I didn’t care to impress
You still proved the love you profess
And with the excess power of love you possess
You made me a progress cos you’re full of finesse

I told you I was all ice cold and darkness
But you came along with your sweatsuit
And the lamp of your love in its full brightness
I tried to run away but you came after me in pursuit
I gave you a million reasons to leave
But you gave me a million kisses to stay
I told you that at love, I’m so naïve
But you never went away

I don’t know how you made me believe in love again
When I told you you’d meet guys better than me, you said I was insane
The middle finger became our hello and goodbye
Especially when we don’t have anything to reply
I drink, I pop pills … but you still stayed for me
I hope and pray I’m worth all the sacrifices you make for me
I’m miles away from home
But somehow you made your heart my home away from home

I was so nervous that I couldn’t help but stammer
When you showed me that three dollars was okay for a date
In you I found a mother, a sister, and a lover
Yet … in you I still found a playmate
Told you you were a bomb cos you blow my mind
You laughed and said that I’ve lost my mind
Kay … you’re one of a kind
A bunch of cuteness and craziness combined

What can I say about the unexpected compliments?
Or my sad moods that you uplift?
Kay … I give you this gift…
I give you my now … I give you this moment, I call it “The present”
I used to see love as a do or die affair
But you mad it a fun fair while I played with your hair
They said “Love is pain … come out of there,”
But you held my hand and said, “Let’s hurt … let’s go there.”

I’ve heard a billion “I love you”s but yours was the realest
You make me laugh every ten minutes. You bring out my craziest
Even when it seems like I’m loveless and when I love less
You stood by me regardless
I told you things that nobody else knows but me
Cos there’s a colour in your eyes that nobody knows but me
Never forgetting the way your eyes say “I love you” even when your lips are shut
I might never say it but Kay … I love that a lot

Kay … you’re a whole bunch of vibe
To anyone depressed, your the drug I’d prescribe
From afar, you look so strict and corny
But who’d ever believe that you’re just so fine and funny
When I’m with you, I forget the differences in our ages
Cos we play like pets let outta their cages
I really don’t know what to say anymore…

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