Victoria’s Secret

In the beginning, the world ran mad chasing frivolity,
They buried the initial dream and initiated a new reality,
The new rule of “die by the sword or live on twisted ankles”,
A mental molestation like a little girl constantly getting raped by her uncle.

So, these aunties and their antics came with a propaganda,
Feminism is king but she isn’t just the proper gender,
Masculinity has been the leading nitty-gritty of humanity,
We were taught he’s the head and he owns that superiority.

When we live in a cage built in our minds,
The clarity of mental freedom will be hard to find,
And when being called a weaker vessel becomes a stronger force,
The fight for strength would be an unjust course.

The culture is lewd as the scope gets broader,
Like a decree, the earth obeys this new world order,
So, how do we convince a novice sister
That she have abilities as her husband, father and brother?

How can the survival for equity find its instinct
When her willpower is hidden like Victoria’s secret?

The system is a crumbled topography,
We’re made to face the music and dance to its political chorography,
It has become the same old song every new day,
Perhaps dead dreams can live again someday.

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