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No to Rape!

Her cries and yells give you orgasm
His virginity and innocence turns you on
Are you even human?

She’s helpless and can’t do anything
He’s too young and knows nothing
You force pleasures against her wills
You take the advantage to offer him thrills
And promised him everything to make it secret
All they gain are sorrows from your act.

She’s saying, “Please, daddy stop! It’s painful!”
You insist. You broke her hymen.
You took your own daughter’s virginity
You saw her blood flow, how did you feel?
You threatened her not to tell anyone
Are you not a devil?

She’s weak, shedding tears and cursing you
You are hard, penetrating and having fun
You cause her so much pain for your selfish desires
Because she’s unconscious
Because he’s young and lacks the strength to fight you.

She struggled with her last strength
And begged you to let her go
You raped her, one after the other
You didn’t think about the repercussions
The post traumatic stress and disorder
You didn’t think about the injuries, the infections, her fertility, pregnancy and most importantly her life.
You deserve not to be born!
Rape is inhumane!


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