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The Hate of Life

There is a dark cloud covering the daylight.
The morning is covered with ominious black clouds.
The sun shines in flickering dimmed light,
Like burning wax of a candle.
Wind blowing with hard time breathing,
Choking the birds from tweeting.

Life of a confused weather; full of hate,
Voice of a new infants screaming for love.
Voice of the voiceless old shouting equity.
“I am black like a monkey,” they said.
Yes! But I will say they are color-blinded to see my whiteness.
My heart is as white as snow with a uniqueness of gold.

Now, the Earth has birthed two monkeys of irritating colors.
My biggest hate is their race,
So scary that takes an infant back to heaven;
And make the old die untimely like a hen.
My skin maybe black but my blood is not.
My hair is black but my brain is not.

I need to conduct a worldly meeting;
With a reminder that we are made from the same soil,
That the same blood runs through our veins.
That the sky welcome rainbow after storm;
And, we are creatures from one creator.
But I just can’t do all alone without you.

I want to blow a love bomb to the Earth,
Which will blow out the world word hate of humanity,
And tie us all with an invisible cord.
I want to rain a storm that will flush their disgust,
And compress our stunning color like a rainbow arch.
But all I cant do alone without YOU.

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