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Doom of Fate

You should have asked
That way, you shouldn’t have acted

You should have made it crystal clear
That you won’t always stay near

You shouldn’t have left me in darkness
Living with our mess

The ‘messy memories’ we made together
Futile memories of each other

We crossed the line of destiny
And now we are sworn enemies

We thought we built the friendship with gold
And swore to be with each other even after old

I could remember right in the cold
You promised our friendship would never fold

Sometimes, the one we hail
Are those that fail

Perplexity took control of my heart
And wondered if you would make me part

I love the pain you gave
Thanks to fate, it never led me to the grave

The pain of my heart has skipped to my soul
Leaving a hole

Those poems, are they really for me?
Maybe for another or just a hymn

I swam in the pool of friendship
And drowned, I was all alone because you’re the ship

We twisted our destiny
We cheated fate

We changed our fortune
We altered our predestination

What a doom of life!
Truly, it’s a cheat of our fate

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