Larger than Life

What is bigger than life?
What treats life like a vulnerable heifer?
What controls all that life ever offered?
Existing before life ever did
and will remain after life is gone?

She is time,
the nonexisting damsel that existed before existence.
She is the tree of immortality that every god wants to eat from.
An infinite figure that wisdom cannot fathom.

Every season wait for her approval,
and events takes place because of her arrival.
Neither day or night matters in her presence,
as equinoxes and solstices bow down in reverence.

Man, a product of life
tried to measure her existence.
Calibrating a device into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…
yet failed to understand how she works.

She sits at the heart of the universe,
steering her where she wills.
And the galactic hosts depends on her good will
to continue in the cyclical journey of endless chase.

In her anger, the earth convulses.
In her joy, the world sleeps peacefully.
And sapiens endlessly seek
the mysteries behind her being.

Even the present, past and future
will be null and void if she decide to wipe her memory.
Dreams, prophecies and visions are but a myth without her endorsement.
She reigns forever.

She is larger than life,
an ageless gorgeous damsel.
More beautiful than thousands of virgins,
she is happily single.

All her suitors are gone and forgotten,
there is none capable of marrying her.
Alas! The day she marries life is doomed
because she is the mother life never had.

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