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“I eee … never … yechi ghuuu …”

For the very first time she spoke!
It was a dark and creepy night. The voice of ‘my only companion,’ Jennifer, was so alarming that all my hairs tingled.

Once a beautiful doll, now a monster with bloodshot eyes, red liquor dripping down her teeth, clothes badly ripped apart with blood stains all over and the death-calling knife, clutched tightly to her left fist.

Mum was already tied to the old rocking chair and dad … was nowhere to be found!

“I eee … never … yechi ghuuu …” She said it again! This time, it was clearer.
She would never let me go! Gosh…

The the old man was right. I need to get the recitations—it was an antique doll.

I immediately jolted from my bed, trying to reach for the lowest drawer; it wasn’t there! Jennifer kept coming closer, muttering the same words—as though she was programmed—and my mum kept screaming horribly.

Finally I got the script but it was just too late. The screams had stopped mysteriously. I turned around and Jennifer was already behind me, this time, with mum’s eyes and tongue in her hands. My heartbeat trippled and my whole being was doused in cold sweat.

I was about to recite the sayings, with my shaky palms, when she lifted the knife above my head and struck.

Not too long, I started hearing sounds.
“Jane, wake up, wake up!” my mum shouted as she angrily tapped my legs.
It was another nightmare!

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