Tomorrow Lives

Hail Juliet!
A lass full of life
Whose body, a flawless one
Her beauty, an embodiment of love
That attracts young blades

Nothing can be compared to her riches
Dwells in grace and splendour
That flourishes like a tree in blossom
Her fingers fashioned with ringlets made from gold
Determined to be nobody

She grew to believe so many things
You have money? You have all
With beauty, nothing is impossible
With fame, you’re loved by all
She has all, she needs nothing.

She was never controlled
Miss Perfect known by all
She never made a mistake
Who dares question her authority?
who wants a death penalty?

She knew no pain
Until fate dealt a cruel blow
She tastes poverty
She drinks disgrace
She eats from the plates of isolation

Then she wondered what life was
A bitter blow it was
A sycophant, she turned to
A once compliment for favour
But no one was ready to give a hand

Life revolves
You’re blessed to bless others
Your position ain’t meant for oppression
But still, there are JULIETS of today
That never believed tomorrow lives

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