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Somber Solitude

If I fall in love, will I become blind?
If I ask you to dance, surely would you mind?
If I ask for your hand, will you be mine?
If I had closed my eyes, would I have seen the sign?

What if I swam in the ocean of my dream?
Would my weary soul be set agleam?
All these flaming feelings I feel
Does it mean that love is real?

If I could wipe the world of hate
Would I be able to change our fate?
If I could drown reality with a kiss
Would my heart bloom in bliss?

What if I cheat my sadness with smiles
Would it keep the tears from my eyes?
What if I phased through that stainless steel?
Would it seal the broken seal?

What if I said ‘I love you’ on time?
Would your death still feel like a crime?
What if I went with you to the afterlife?
Is there a chance you’d still be my wife?

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