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Letter F

All the letters of the English alphabet
Used to be my favourite:
I heard them from people who called me
The leader of tomorrow with smiles alluring their voices…
Until you started abusing one;
One that even starts my middle name.


You mention F whenever you feel like:
Using me to replace mummy while you act as daddy
In murky corners, on rocking couches;
Or abusing me with your croaky voice,
Even inflicting spots bigger than boils with rods and staffs.

F brings me elves of pain;
With a long stroke and two halves at times.
A little scribbling of F on the paper,
And all I think of is, fire packed like
Tiny sharp ice, waiting for when to rain on me.

I no longer have confidence in myself:
My voice has been stifled.
I have become withdrawn like a snail
Which would never see the sun’s smile
Because it constantly hides in its shell out of fear.

Life isn’t fair.

People call me a failure:
I freak out where I ought to function,
I dare not respond or counter them.
F again!
The letter that sends chills on errand
Through my feature.

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