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Unseen Emotions

Ting! Ting!


Stepping into the room, she inhaled in order to calm her nerves. Brown eyes scanned the room she had just entered.

“Guys, where are you?” she called out to them.

Silence. Something was not right about this. She had caught a glimpse of them before pressing the doorbell.

“Guys!” she called out once again, slowly moving into the room. What was going on? Why were her friends not replying? They never acted this way.

She stepped closer and closer. She was… she was worried. Her worries turned to fear as her drifting eyes noticed the white rolls. It lay very close to the bed, it was obvious they were meant to be hidden beneath the bed.

Curiously, she took a bold step and bent to see what else her friends could be hiding.

“We need to calm down. We need to hide everything,” one of them whispered frantically.

What? she froze. What are they talking about?

“No. She has seen it. We need to silence her,” the other replied with a sharp tone.

“Let me talk to her first,” the first one tried to calm her down.

“Do you think she’ll even understand? She doesn’t! She’ll never!”

“But she was always better!”

“What? … Guys… How could you?”

“Keep your voice down,” Chloe signaled with her hand.

“No!” Jane yelled. Now, it was certain they had just been heard from their hiding spot.

“Guys?” Anne repeated once more, a bit softer than usual.

Once again, silence reigned, sending shivers down her spine. She was sure she had heard Jane yell just a second ago. Why would they be hiding? Did they know she had seen it? What would they do about that? She should probably leave.

Just as she was about to turn around, she felt a needle insert itself into her neck, and soon she blanked out. As she fell back, her two friends watched her. One felt remorse, but the other felt nothing.

“That was unnecessary,” Chloe frowned. She bent beside Anne’s unconscious body.

Anne is truly beautiful. More beautiful than any girl I ever know, she mused angrily. She had a great hatred for Anne, but she was also skeptical about murder.

“I am not going to jail because of a nosy girl that can’t keep herself away from people’s business!” Jane yelled angrily.

“But you know I’m right!” Chloe argued heatedly.

“Just shut up!” Jane snapped. She was pacing around the room. “I will call Brian to get rid of the body tonight,” she decided, and headed for her phone on the bedside table.

“But she’s not even dead! We just knocked her out!” Chloe reminded her.

“That will be easy to fix,” Jane picked up a syringe. “An overdose would do the task just fine.”

“In your room? They would suspect us right away!” she snapped back.

“Silence! Let me handle things.” Jane bent beside Anne’s body as she refilled the syringe lying between her fingers.

“I have always hated her. But I can’t deny she is beautiful,” Jane mumbled.

A groan suddenly came, making them turn to see Anne slowly wake up. Groggy eyes opened, unable to adjust to the bright light. Jane hesitated to inject her once more, but Chloe motioned for her to stop.

“Let me talk to her. She might agree to be silent,” Chloe moved between Jane and the awakening Anne. No one could trust Jane’s temper.

“Chloe? Jane?” Anne whispered quietly, watching them with shocked expressions. What was up? Why were they—?”

“Hey,” Chloe whispered and moved closer. She picked her weak hand and patted it softly. Anne could see the compassion in Chloe’s eye, but she was not deceived. And Jane’s impatient look gave away the truth of this false scene before her eyes.

“What are you… Why?…” Her eyes then saw it.

The syringe. It had been refilled. She began to recall it all. They must have injected her. And they were getting ready to give her another dose. Fear filled her heart. She was scared. She tried to move away.

But Chloe’s initially comfortable hand had become firm. It pulled her close. She was still weak from what they had injected into her system, so she fell back to the floor.

“L–Let me go,” she pleaded weakly. “I–I don’t know what’s happening here, but—”

“Relax Anne,” Chloe stood. Jane walked to the door and locked it. She slowly placed the keys in her pocket, and stood there, guarding the exit.

“W–What are you doing?”

“Shut up, witch!” Jane spoke for the first time since Anne had regained her consciousness. The fierce look in her eyes, and the syringe she placed firmly between two of her fingers made her look like a devil.

“W—What are you doing?”

“You have to make a pact not to ever mention what you saw to any soul,” Jane ignored her question. From the corner of her eyes, she noticed Chloe motioning for Jane to ease her temper.

“W–What are those?” she whispered, looking at it once more. What was that?

She could recognize the gun and the drugs. And the picture too. Was that the picture of the guy killed two days ago? The one believed to have been lured to an hotel by two beautiful ladies.

Wait? Could they be? They were… Her friends were murderers.

“Oh… You have placed the pieces together!” Chloe said roughly, hands akimbo. Fear gripped her heart, as she realized Chloe was no longer on her side.

“I–I… I need to… I… Please… Let me go,” she cried.

“Hold her!” Jane signaled, as she moved from the door. Anne could only focus on the deadly tool in her hand.

Her strength began to return, and she tried to push Chloe off. Chloe seemed to have been expecting her move. She easily avoided her and sent a knee to her aching head. She tried to scream in pain, but a gag was forced around her mouth, making it impossible to make a sound.

“You have always been a fool!” Jane yelled the hateful words to her ears. “You have flaunted your beauty proudly. Now you would become dried up bones,” she added.

“I–I’m sorry… I–I shouldn’t have… I–I shouldn’t have done anything.”

“Too late, Snow White,” Chloe mimicked her voice, a sneer on her face.

She tried to fight her friends off her, but her efforts were futile. Jane picked up the syringe she had dropped before, their eyes met. She tried pleading for mercy with the tears in her eyes, but she met stone black eyes. Evil eyes, filled with malice and cruelty and all the other bad things in the world.

This certainly was not all about the moment, it had piled up for a long time. She was scared. Was she really that horrible to the point that her own friends hated her?

The needle touched her skin. She could feel the Reaper knocking on her life’s door. Was this how nice people ended? Was this how nosy people died? Was this her punishment for being so mean to her own friends for existing?

Her thoughts began to fade. She was dizzy. She could see the frame of her two friends watching her go to eternal sleep. There was a smile on Jane’s face. A purely evil one. One that scared her to bits. Chloe’s face had a little touch of regret and pain. It said, ‘I am sorry, but I had to.’

She had the feeling of the deepest cold. It scared her. Her eyelids were heavy, they slowly collapsed. It was over. All she saw was the dark.

But she was still breathing. She was still alive. She felt her body become light, and the last thing she saw was darkness.

Davine & TD Adams

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