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Love is a Map

Love is a map,
Postures to prelude the recount of my story.
My dynamism, I can’t unwrap,
But my heart keeps on restituting my memory.
Then comes a sudden and abrupt snap,
To emit nothing out of my memory.
It’s good of course!. My life up to this point, seems like a stagnant, yet divine celestial sacred text.

Except for a little stain,
My first irregular love,
My Heart forced to love, but refused to deign.
For the fear of not repudiating the law of love.
Guilt-ridden to afford a repudiated lover.

Love is a map.
To be read and followed with the right rib.
Seemed like a magnificent hap.
When I found my heavenly sib.
Just like the only thing constant,
I changed on the outside,
Like a chameleon, on a strange path.
Love is a good reason for everything to fall apart.

Love is a map.
That with her, I can’t afford to refute.
To err with any mishap,
With her by my side, every obstacle to immute,
Seems like I’m going to take a nap.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.
Fortunately, words just cannot express my feeling.
I detest to owe my heart a debt.
That I have to confront her, squealing.
Her incentives, I hope to get,
For my heart deserves a healing.

My love for her is the perfect one.
Love from kids might be the everlasting one,
Like Ed Sheeran’s and his perfect one,
But the never to be doubted one,
Love at seventeen before eighteen,
When the heart decides, with every bit of humility,
From the lot and sobriety.

My beloved, to whom divine jurisdiction,
To relieve me heartache is gratuitously bestowed.
Hold not, your discretion.
Because you will be nothing but a tweed.
In the end, my love for you is a square of silk.
Fear not, my darling,
For I can never part ways with my rib.
Because love is a map.
That unfold the way to divine destination.
But can never be comprehended,
Except with you by my side.
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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