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Born from the Ashes

Mama says: “You’re only truly strong when you acknowledge how weak you truly are.” She believes there’s a secret behind every person; scars on their adorable skins. Humans hide behind colors but she watched me burn. Watched me lose myself in my pain and scars until I thought it over but still she watched.

At first I thought it was because she didn’t love me, then I thought she was just disappointed, but when I finally told her I was breaking and I didn’t know where to head to, she did smile. Her words simple and pure and yet so unique I never forgot.

“I knew you were in pain. I knew it hurt you a lot, that you blamed yourself but I had to wait. I had to until you realized. I’m always by your side, just waiting for you to learn that I’m here for you. I wouldn’t abandon you. I would watch by you until you’re strong enough to know what you truly are.”

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