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  • Photo of Clipped Wings

    Clipped Wings

    “Only remembered by what we have done Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling Only remembered by what we have done.” The voice of the lead singer…

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  • Photo of Amara


    I know I’m not supposed to say this here, but sometimes, life can be harsh that it pierces all its pins on just a single heart. Now I know, that…

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  • Photo of Daddy Don’t!

    Daddy Don’t!

    Fear. Sadness. Beauty. Maybe it’s true that beauty and sadness go together because somehow nature thought beauty too rich to go forth upon the earth without a meet along. And…

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  • Photo of Happiness is a Bestseller

    Happiness is a Bestseller

    Twice upon a time, in a virgin land deflowered by the cruelty of its inhabitants, the famine of sanity made the whole land barren. In this same land where strange…

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  • Photo of Coming Out

    Coming Out

    In America, once your parents realize you’re a juvenile delinquent, they will ship you to the next military school available; most likely the farthest available. But in Nigeria they leave…

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  • Photo of Hey, What’s the Price of His Coffin?

    Hey, What’s the Price of His Coffin?

    As a writer, she didn’t listen to music she took the notes of the lyrics. Word by word. High notes, low notes, no notes in her wallet. And of course…

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  • Photo of The Call

    The Call

    On entering the room, the smell of alcohol hits my nose. “Alcohol? No one dares take alcohol. Not in my room,” I mutter silently, making my mouth the silencer. No…

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  • Photo of Sueno


    I was surprised to see the amount of people gathered outside my home when I came back from the cybercafé where I went to print out my admission letter. I…

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  • Photo of Spilled


    I’m addicted to the rainbow. There’s something about its glittering colours right after a storm that reminds me there’s hope. That’s why I stare at it all the time. Sometimes…

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  • Photo of Perfidy


    A beautiful morning, not for the young and graceful Yvonne, who got up quite early, probably for the first time in three days. Her dark, sparkly skin glided across the…

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  • Photo of A Flick of Hope

    A Flick of Hope

    The long awaited night finally came. The hall was saturated with shouting and dancing, as the students injected the atmosphere with euphoria, coupled with the sensational jams emanating from the…

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  • Photo of Mirrors


    I wanted to tell him that I saw nothing, wanted to let him know that I didn’t notice anything. I wanted him to show me something, I wanted to see…

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  • Photo of Falling Sunlight

    Falling Sunlight

    When it comes to fate, there are no coincidences. But when coincidences repeat itself, you think it’s destiny and accept it as your fate. It was our second meeting in…

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  • Photo of A Flower Nipped at the Bud

    A Flower Nipped at the Bud

    She was my crush. She had just arrived from the ‘township’ for the Christmas season with her family. They lived close to my grandma’s compound. She possessed an oval face,…

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  • Photo of Peace


    There she was sitting in her sitting room holding the DSTV remote and swiping through all the entertainment she could find whispering to herself, “seen, seen, seen” because the shows…

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  • Photo of Be a Light

    Be a Light

    Power outage had grown to become a norm every Saturday in the part of town I come from. Some rumoured that the parents of the community made a unanimous decision…

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  • Photo of Pride in My Wounds

    Pride in My Wounds

    Do you know? Sometimes all it takes is admitting your weakness. Telling yourself the reality you hide from. I walk the streets of life, roam without an idea of what…

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  • Photo of Born from the Ashes

    Born from the Ashes

    Mama says: “You’re only truly strong when you acknowledge how weak you truly are.” She believes there’s a secret behind every person; scars on their adorable skins. Humans hide behind…

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  • Photo of Is It A Crime That I Bleed?

    Is It A Crime That I Bleed?

    Fear. Shame. Regret. Ten years under the earth’s scorching sun and I never knew blood could be unaccompanied by a wound. And wounds bring pain. Pain brings along fear. And…

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  • Photo of Ozoemezina


    “Mama.” She looked at me, her eyes were red and weary. “Why are we running away from home?” “Because they are fighting.” “Who is fighting?” “Our people and others.” I…

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