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I have been hurt, trampled upon casted aside. Emotions toyed with feelings not reciprocated
Have had to build a wall to protect my heart, feelings not expressed emotions bottled up
I have tried running away from you because you inspire those feelings I thought I had long buried
You have torn down the walls I built to protect my heart
I wish I could let go of the past
I cherish the time spent. With you
The talks we had the walks we took the laughter and tears we shared
But I have to let go because I can never be the person that would be worthy of you I can never be the man that you can put your heart in care of
It hurts me a great deal that I can never be that person that you could call your man
to be your friend companion and partner till the end of times
But because of the love I have for you is the reason why I have to walk away from you
Hoping and praying that you would meet the one who will truly be yours
Thank you for the time spent feeling loved by you and for the sacrifices made

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