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Rape is Rape: We Need to Fight It Out

If a person is being forcefully sexed, without her/his consent, it is violence, not sex; it is animalistic, not humanity. A sex being done forcefully to the opposite gender just to find pleasure, it is not enjoyment, rather it is the infliction of curse upon the person who indulged in it. And this act needs come to an end, because not only is the body is being molested, but the spirit, the soul, the heart, the mentality and you sum up everything to create an unforgettable and horrible memory which will continue reiterating itself in the memory of the victim. Even if the victim did not to heap curses on you, already “the curse” will do its chores without being summoned to action.

This might seem humorous to you, but I tell you, it is a conglomeration of bitter truth and help guide in controlling your sexual urge — if you, as a man you have a high sexual hormones, do control your libido, or rather you cut your penis off (it is biblical; if any of your body system tends to lead you to hell — cut it off), to be on the safer side; and to be free from dehumanizing and molesting the opposite gender, whom you, yourself know, God has chosen to be a head over them. And if you, as a male whom they have trust in, to save them from dangers, turn around to be their enemy and a wellspring of their pains and misfortunes, then the reverse is the case — you are nothing but to be compared to the family of poultry bird, a native fowl; and likened to the Nigerian government whom we thought would be our Jesus Christ, but unfortunately turned to be a foe, a devil.

I am not being gender sensitive nor gender biased, but I am rather kicking against the deadly and cannibalistic act of rape. It is true that some set of females have chosen to be feminists and fight for gender equity between both genders. But I say that, that does not derail and thwart the fact that they have the natural ability, flowing in pool of limitation and restraint; natural weakness and instinct, which yet make them powerless to us, male, and still makes them find refuge in us. And if you can’t still find truth in this, then you are not worthy of being called human, you need visit the psychiatric asylum. Males are weak, that’s accepted, but females tend to be weaker than the male ones. This is the truth. So, why then will a normal man, who is complete in fitness, and who is not bereft of reasoning, think of rape as the way to subdue, oppress and molest a woman, let alone ganging up to rape a single female, even if being hurt or offended by her? That is grossly, outrightly and drastically inhumane, for crying out loud!

Women out there need help; they need love; they need peace of mind; they need security; they need protection; they deserve everything to be a woman from us, males, not hurt or brutality.

Both genders experience rape, we are aware of this fact. But we still need to fight against rape itself and rapists themselves. A rape leading to death is drastically lethal, a real murder that needs be fought against, justice needs to prevail. Rape is rape. And murder is murder. The indulgers need be prosecuted, and need be chased away from the land.

And to parents, teach not only your female children to cover their thighs, but also the male ones to sensitive and sanitize their senses of reasoning and learn how to control their sexual urge. Tell them rape is as dehumanizing as the enemy they see. Tell them rape is a sin. Tell them to refrain from it. It kills spirituality, it changes a good reputation to being dark, it tarnishes someone’s image.

Stop the upbringing of sex maniacs and a potential rapists. Women need peace; they need find home in us.

Rape is an act of violence, not sex.


P.S: If possible I am with a harmful object like: cutlass, gun or dagger, when I find any of my gender rapes —death is closer. RIP in advance. The self-defense bill needs to be passed —females need it just to save themselves from being molested by the opposite gender.

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