A Building for Destruction

I was told I am a temple,
That I was built with fear
But it seems the fear in me died
At the beginning of creation
For all I could feel is fearless.

I opened my temple widely
Which I was told to conceal
I decorated the exterior with gold and silver
Painted it with colours of rainbow
Adorned it with trinkets and bangles
Which made the call to my opposite temples.

But my interior
Is an arsenal
Where knives, cutlasses, clubs
Guns, swords, cannons, bazookas
And the likes together with their producer
Who happens to be my master
Lucifer has made his abode.

My trinklets ring bells
And my gold shines in the eyes of the opposite temple
They run to me thinking the interior
Is as beautiful as the exterior
They jump into my cave
Even with hard labour
Which they do with sensational ecstasy.

But when they enter
They become my prey
And even if they pray
It’s too late
For they are slain
By my arsenal
I am the slay mama.

They come out dead
With a smile exhibiting on their exterior
But their interior is destroyed

I am me
A building of destruction

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