Voodoo Lover

My chants are loud and fierce,
I see reasons why I do this on the mountains.
Wuuuuuyyeeefikitisamma! Bulaaaaaye!
These incantations come with strength and unearthly force.
I scream and rock my body to the spiritual waves.

The clouds descend and thicken around my soul,
Great! I feel the spiritual connnection.
Just a little more, and my request can be tendered.
My skin burns and the power hits me,
It announces its presence with a slam in my chest.

My eyes shines like a star,
My body shakes like it has caught cold.
I rise and drop my beads to the ground,
Its work is done, it has guided my soul to its god.
Now, my spirit must do the remaining transaction.

“Curse her with the spell of unbreakable love,
Let her love me till her spirit returns to you.
I want her wrapped around my fingers,
I want total control of her soul and Spirit.”
I ask of the mother of souls, as I picture the girl I want.

The mother of soul stares back at me blankly,
A strange look I see in her eyes till a frown reflects on her deity face.
My request was not going to be answered, perhaps a sacrifice is needed.
I open my eyes to speak, but the god mother points into the valley,
I turn and see it all, I understand the boundary she can not cross.
The girl I want stands with the Children of the Ark.

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