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Imaginary Daughter

at prime,
she thought there was no love,
like a kid who faces enormous wolves,
enough to make her skin wrinkle
a thousand songs couldn’t spew warmth,
perhaps a spell was cast on her

honesty will call her beauty,
for she wore attraction
her charms went on fadeless and ageless
her words are alluring,
like the diamonds beneath her skin
tremendous to make most men kneel

imagine a queen of hearts
being frightened and feels dire
practically shuns the color ‘red’,
and its tales,
a queen-sized poison

she fell for the sun today
her heart was too shy to tell her
a queen fallen for the sun!

she wishes love will sing her lullabies,
or waddle miles and miles with her
her lips mumbled each time her eyes short
she wants fondness
or the lines love-struck on sonnet

clearly, the moon and stars came at dusk
the sun visited,
to deliver deference
and as the crown lay on the bed,
he planted the antidote on it lips,
as a gift,
in exchange for diamonds,
and the flowers heavens hid underneath her

the sun is also a boy,
whose light she couldn’t keep
the sun visited at night.

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