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I’m In Love With Your Brother

Hey love,
I have deep confessions to make,
Please take my hand,
This time not to give us connection,
This time not to pass affection,
This is just a tricky situation,
I know it will leave you in a oblivion.
Hey handsome,
I am in love with your brother,
No, please be calm,
That’s why you holding my hand so you don’t slap me.
I know this is painful,
Maybe not as it was when I saw you Tamasha,
Now do you even remember,
That crazy Sunday,
When you got cuffed with an afande,
For a case of making love with a girl from high school?
Or did you change your class and wanted to feel high?
Because that day darling,
I was seated across the street,
Waiting for you at the restaurant,
Adhering for the date we had over coffee.
And I didn’t hate to see you with handcuffs,
I hated to see you in for a case with my sister,
No, I didn’t mean to revenge,
Your brother came and sat by me,
I forgot to mention he brought me flowers,
He told me not to worry the rain will go and do is the thunder,
He made me realize the value I needed in gentle man,
Not because his strokes are gentle mahn!
But his love was real, that’s what I mean by true affection,
So dear love,
I hope you will still be happy to have me as your sister-in-law,
Not because I crossed above the law,
Your love was just a curse.
Your brother took out the spell of the curse.
I’m in love with your brother.

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