What If?

What if…?
The would rumble and crumble;
And it stops being ecstatic or humble?
What if the northern morning breeze that romances each strand of your body hair begins to destroy your homes?
The beautiful blue sky that reflects hope begins to dissect and fall upon you,
The moon and the sun you often allow your soul to be soothed by their presence disappears,
The ocean you explore begins to flood your tiny houses.

What if…?
The sand you gently walk upon begins to swallow you?
What if the world roars like a lion,
Clamouring to end, and be free from us,
Breaking its chains and inflicting on us pain,
Ignoring the cries of infants?

What if…?
What if we all helplessly perish and vanish?
Just like big bang, I think this would be the biggest bang.

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