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The Death of Quirky Quincy

Quirky Quincy wasn’t really awkward.
That’s just what Old Man Jones told himself.
So the big, and mighty guilt in his bosom,
Would lessen and allow him to sleep.

You see, on a very chilly winter night,
Ol’ Man Jones sent Quirky Quincy to the stables.
It was empty so no one knew the reason
Why Ol’ Man Jones sent Quincy out so late at night.

Now, the children of Beige Town sing a rhyme,
A rhyme about Quirky Quincy.
Before it had only four lines.
But now it’s a whole story.

“The death of Quirky Quincy wasn’t known until
Little boy, Matherson, came home with Quincy’s head.
And beneath all his heavy and fair locks,
The words K-W-E-R-K-Y were made emblems.

All the villagers took Quirky’s head to Ol’ Man Jones
And he was forced to spell Quirky Quincy on the earth.
Now you can guess how he spelt it.
It began with a K and went all the way to a Y
And that’s good! Now Quincy can rest in peace.”

I skipped a lot in this tale,
But you deserve to know it all, So I’ll just rush it out.
Quirky Quincy died brutally. Forget the lacerated head.
With a blow to his chest, carvings to skin and macerated limbs.

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