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Memories I Loathe to Recall

One could begin with her charming smiles.
Smiles that had gunned me down softly.
Smiles that had titillated me to my inner heart.
Smiles that had quench my thirst in the middle of my Sahara .

One could equally begin with the deserted nights.
The night she had unsealed my innocent lips.
The nights she had looked me in the eyes breathing my breath.
The nights she had held me firm with dew bathing us.

One could then tell of our juicy talks.
Talks that had induced her to shut her eyes for a comfort caressing.
Talks that had seductively prompted my lips to paint hers.
Talks that had intimately danced my legs into her thighs.

One could recount of how our blissful journey ended.
How sudden she had vacated my hearty earth
How my beaming eyes deemed with accumulated tears.
How she had charmed me and faded like impatient smokes.

One could loathe to recall these memories.
Memories that now stab me intently in the heart.
Memories that now sting me viciously as a bee.
Memories that had withered away like dry palm leaves.

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