Sound of drums teleporting beyond the river
Avalanche of weird feeling sweeping through its coast
Like a balsam to the hurtful soul
A folklore of the laughter hunting demon put to sleep and robbed of plunder

Broken shackles turned tambourine
No gloom, all lights are green
Through the noise, our hearts are clean
We ride and trust and unknown horse of happiness…

Escapism of emotions from penthouse of woeful routine to the land of fantasy
Gliding through the milky way that sheltered the shiny pride of the galaxy
Shaking hands with the blessedness of the blue sky
To form an end product of intense state of felicity

Bubbling white corn in a black pot
Racing like deer in a fertile desert
Laughing round a table of saltless sauce
Unending excitement from unknown source

Light shining at its brilliance
Euphorically adorned
It victimized my grief
Leaving it defeated and broken in shambles

Lost in mixed melodies of sadness and laughter
Forgetting all worries
The world couldn’t be better…

Merriment now a company in solitude
Numb, the heart expresses the gratitude
No odds would define the altitude
Being happy for no reason became an attitude.

Darkness beaten and battered
Now we fare bread and buttered
It’s the night of a thousand laughter
My voices goes high like a nightingale

©Helen Ti

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